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PDPM-Specific Dashboard Modules

The PDPM-Specific Dashboard Modules are a portion of the entire LTC Analytical Dashboard Suite. Used on their own or in conjunction with the entire Suite, these modules will provide the insights needed to fully understand and implement the Patient Driven Payment Model. 

PDPM Reimbursement and Profitability

Make a cross comparison (across multiple facilities) of the RUG-IV methodology to PDPM reimbursement methodology at the aggregate level and then drill down to the patient level detail to better understand favorable vs. unfavorable reimbursement amounts per patient. Look at cost ratios, costs per patient day, and profitability under both methodologies to better understand the impact PDPM will have on your facility.

PDPM Profitability and MDS Simulation

Using actual claims data, drill down to patient level details, see the MDS data that would drive reimbursement under PDPM and simulate how changes in the MDS data would impact the overall reimbursement.

PDPM Simulator

An educational tool to demonstrate every step fo the PDPM methodology, this user-friendly 8-step tool will walk you through the decisions and MDS documentation that directly drive PDPM reimbursement. Learn how patients are assigned to the various case-mix groups for each component and how those assignments translate to overall reimbursement. Perform "what-if" scenarios to better understand how slight changes in documentation can have significant impacts on reimbursement totals.

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