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Custom Application Development


Whether you're in need of a compliance management system or a local government benchmarking tool, CRI Advanced Analytics has the ability to optimize and automate your processes. Most businesses have many applications running simultaneously to keep operations performing smoothly between accounting, human resources, payroll, and other functions. With CRI Advanced Analytics, your business can consolidate this information on-premise, in the cloud, or a mix of both. We can help you orchestrate the source of your information to elevate your organization's success.



Having both the correct infrastructure and the presence of robust data sources on hand is not enough to promote efficiency in data-driven decision-making if you spend hours, weeks, or even months running reports and interpreting the results. CRI Advanced Analytics can automate these processes so that they no longer need to be manually created or actively monitored. Automating data retrieval and illustrating the results in an easy-to-use format, like dashboards or automated reports delivered through a web interface or email, can speed up the analysis process and strategic decision-making.



Although knowing where you've been is helpful, it's important to understand the direction that your business is headed. Since integrated data sources may not necessarily provide complete insight into the future, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), text and predictive analytics, and other applications of data science methodologies can provide a more meaningful look into what lies ahead. Using your organizational data to build sophisticated models that learn and adapt over time can provide insight into your company's future while assisting in decision-making and strategic planning for future business activities.

With these three layers in our products and services, CRI Advanced Analytics can help your organization achieve a complete, high-functioning analytical strategy–which is a must for companies that wish to survive and thrive with the challenges in today's economic climate.

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