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Centralized. Optimized. Automated. Compliant.

CentraLease, powered by CRI Advanced Analytics, is a scrupulous accounting software engineered to seamlessly adhere to GASB Statements 87 and 96 and FASB standards concerning leases and SBITAs. Its user-centric interface facilitates effortless navigation through complex regulatory paradigms, rendering compliance an uncomplicated endeavor for business professionals. By centralizing and digitalizing lease agreements and data within an online platform, CentraLease furnishes a manageable portfolio of vital information, such as payment dates and contact details for lessors, lessees, and vendors, accessible with a single click.


CentraLease offers a unified platform to centralize lease agreements and data, granting streamlined access to retrievable and actionable information.


Bypass the learning curve with CentraLease's optimized dashboard, facilitating immediate engagement.


CentraLease initiates automation the moment data is populated. 


Embark on a digital journey with CentraLease's cloud-based setup, accelerating your adherence to GASB and FASB lease accounting standards through agile compliance navigation.

Centralize Your Lease Process With CentraLease

Discover how CentraLease can redefine your lease compliance and management operations. Contact us today to embark on a journey of centralized lease processes with CentraLease, powered by CRI Advanced Analytics.

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