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LTC Analytical Dashboard Suite

Providing all the information you need to improve quality, analyze trends, and track progress in one place


Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, and more.

Therapy Performance

Management Dashboards

These dashboards are designed to provide deeper insight into overall therapy utilization in long term care facilities including therapy provided, goal tracking, outcomes, and achievement to goals.  In addition, CRI Advanced Analytics provides discharge length of stay metrics, discharge status, and changes in self care, mobility, cognition and others.  Benchmarking is also provided.

Therapy Management and

Outcome Predictions

Using data science methodologies and historical data, these dashboards assist with predicting the amount of therapy needed to achieve a specific goal for each patient upon admission once the initial patient assessment is complete.  Complex algorithms calculate the expected outcome and amount of therapy needed to achieve that outcome given various patient measures upon admission.  This enables the therapy team to plan and administer the appropriate amount of therapy thereby optimizing the balance between therapy minutes and goal achievement.