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Centralized. Optimized. Automated. Compliant.

Centralize Your Lease Processes With CentraLease

Crafted to adhere to GASB and FASB standards, this lease software simplifies the complex landscape of leases and SBITAs. With a user-centric interface and centralized data management, navigating through lease compliance has never been more straightforward.


Explore a world where lease management meets simplicity and compliance meets convenience.


Ready to transform your lease operations? Discover more about CentraLease—your next-level lease software solution.

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  • Comprehensive Dashboard and Reporting Features

  • SBITA Checklist for GASB 96 Determinability 

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  • Flexible Data Entry and Management

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  • Compliance and Regulation Adherence



Addressing today’s latest metrics around reimbursement, quality, safety, value-based purchasing, and staffing

Long-Term Care Analytical Dashboard Suite

 Improve quality, analyze trends, and track progress in one place.


Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and more.

Therapy Performance Management Dashboards

Designed to provide deeper insight into overall therapy utilization in long term care facilities including therapy provided, goal tracking, outcomes, and benchmarking.  In addition, CRI Advanced Analytics provides discharge length of stay metrics, discharge status, and changes in self care, mobility, cognition and others.

Therapy Management and Outcome Predictions

Using data science and historical information, these dashboards calculate the expected outcome and amount of therapy needed given various patient measures upon admission, enabling the therapy team to optimize the balance between therapy minutes and goal achievement.

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