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Tammy Wingo, PhD, MBA

Director, National Analytics Practice Leader

Tammy Wingo serves as the Director, National Analytics Practice Leader with CRI Advanced Analytics, leading engagements, consulting, and software development for internal and external clients. Tammy's projects can involve data infrastructure, data integration, and analytical needs, such as dashboards and automated reports, to complete analytical solution design, development, and delivery. In addition, she develops software applications for internal and external use, which can range across any industry with any need or subject area of focus, utilizing a wide range of technological solutions and programming languages.


Tammy prides herself on integrating data science methodologies and analytical methods, leading to the design of new analytical products and solutions to address the ongoing needs or challenges clients face from a data perspective, which is also commonplace in our directives. Tammy’s background as a scientist makes her approach to problem-solving unique, driving her ability to approach any problem from a researcher’s perspective with the knowledge of business operations, which has proven to be a sound methodology over the years. Tammy has an innate ability to see and understand data, especially the patterns within data, enabling a more effective analytical design of dashboards and reports to deliver insight that might be overlooked.

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