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In a world run by technology and data, we recognize that every organization has its unique challenges in navigating the sea of data sources. The problem that occurs too often is when countless hours are spent extracting, consolidating, and finally analyzing data to gain insight. At CRI Advanced Analytics, we recognize that analytical solutions are not "one size fits all." With one of our customized solutions, you only get what your organization needs without costly, useless features. Our solutions are designed specifically to match the needs of your business.

We involve you at the conceptualization phase so that your solution is designed to fit your organization's needs while providing insights specific to your operations that will impact the overall health of your business. Whether you're looking for a small enhancement or a customized global solution, CRI Advanced Analytics can help you meet and surpass your goals.

Advanced Data Science Applications

Using data science methodologies (machine learning, AI, predictive and prescriptive analysis, etc.), we bring the highest forms of analytical capabilities to the table giving you the leading edge on latest advances in your field.

Custom Visualization Expertise

Our experts present data in easy-to-understand visual output (charts, graphs, interactive visuals) so that you don’t waste hours trying to understand what your data is telling you, and then risk false conclusions due to poor data presentation.

Data Integration & Consolidation

Often, multiple data sources across many applications don’t share a common link. Data integration and integrity are the most important and sometimes the most difficult obstacles to achieving high quality analytical solutions. Our experts can help build trustworthy data sources that house all of the data you require for your analysis.


Director and National Analytics Practice Leader
Director, Data Science and Big Data
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