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CRI Advanced Analytics brings data to life through fully customized and innovative solutions designed to fit your evolving needs. Our unique approach to analytical solution design factors in all aspects of your business including existing infrastructure, goals, barriers, priorities, and budget.

For us, delivering the highest value of service for every client is a top priority. By combining our expertise with a deep understanding of your business goals and current needs, we craft innovative solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Every solution is unique because every client is unique.

Bringing data to life in a way that is easy to interpret and enables you to make insightful decisions is what we do best.

We take pride in our push to listen and understand your business’s needs, the problems or challenges you may be facing, and your overarching goals to help your business thrive. In today’s market, our clients receive peace of mind knowing that the solution we design will be perfectly suited for their needs both today and tomorrow.


The professionals at CRI Advanced Analytics have decades of expertise in data engineering. Our wealth of knowledge ranges from fundamental necessities of infrastructure, data management, and data integration, to the application of complex data science principles and advanced methodologies. Our robust capabilities across the broad spectrum of data and analytics allow us to fully customize every solution from the ground up.


Our affinity for innovation and new technologies gives us the flexibility to design and build the most economical solutions. At CRI Advanced Analytics, we value transparency and communication with our clients—meaning we offer them unique insight into the overall process. This level of insight allows our clients to participate in the design of the product, which in turn gives greater assurance that the end product is tailored to an organization’s needs.


Partnering with CRI Advanced Analytics allowed Functional Pathways to analyze our rich history of data and develop an evidence-based analytic solution to predict the optimal amount of physical, occupational, and speech therapy a patient needs to achieve functional outcomes. I cannot speak highly enough about our experience working with Tammy and John. Their knowledge and client focus is top-notch."

—  Melissa Ward, VP of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs
Functional Pathways

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