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LTC Analytical Dashboard Suite

Our LTC Analytical Dashboard Suite is designed to address the key subject areas for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs).

Readmissions Predictions and Tracking

Using data science principles, we analyze and model the patient population on a facility level to enable predictability relative to patient readmission risk. By identifying those characteristics associated with readmitted patients in your facility, we can help you identify those at a higher risk upon admission and, therefore, potentially lower the overall readmission rate, which could lead to better incentive payment multipliers. 

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

By integrating with the client's time-keeping software, we can provide daily views of staffing levels across all staff types, monitor for days without RN coverage, and compare to thresholds for star ratings in real time.

Value-Based Purchasing (VBP)

Using CMS provided data, visualize and track your readmit patient population characteristics to determine the clinical areas associated with higher readmit rates and track these over time to determine if clinical intervention has an impact. Monitor your readmissions rate and determine the impact on incentive payments.

Quality Measures

Using MDS-related data, we can provide more near real-time monitoring of a patient population to "flag" those patients with a high probability of being included in the CMS quality measures numerator. Providing this earlier can initiate actionable intervention that might reduce the number of patients who fall within any particular quality measure category.

Compare / 5-Star Ratings

A compilation of CMS publicly available data integrated into one location and allowing cross-facility comparisons for all-star ratings, health inspections, staffing, and quality measures. Compare facility-level scores with state and national data and view trends over time. Simulate staffing levels and evaluate necessary staffing levels for 5-star ratings in the staffing simulator.

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